Sunday, January 11, 2009

TBWCYL Day 11 - My Type

Today I was to supposed to do Day 11 which was "Today introduce yourself to someone you know but never speak to." However, I have a hangover today and as such have had no interest in going outside so in the interest of actually doing that task correctly and not phoning it in, I am going to fulfil it tomorrow and instead, I am doing day 12's task.

So, now my task is : "What's Your Type? Tick it here today as a reminder at drunken parties" My choice were:
Dumb blonde
Clever Brunette
Wild Redhead
Cold Fish

I decided to check off the closest description to my wife, as I like to have sex and would much appreciate continuing to be able to. So I now have a check mark next to a Clever Brunette who is a Nag. I checked Lesbian off because I was being honest with myself.

I will try not to reorganize these tasks too much but for my own safety and the success of my career, a few of these are going to have to be put to a weekend.

That is all,


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Addy's Daddy said...

Take a gander at my new post. I bet you will enjoy it!

Trinity said...

Somehow, that just sounds creepy.