Wednesday, January 21, 2009

TBWCYL Day 21 - Patriotism

Today is Patriotism day in which I am to be patriotic about any country all day long. I thought this was extremely appropriate as we just went through an Inauguration so I went with the good on U.S. of A.
To keep my patriotism up all day, last night I downloaded a new ringtone. I got "God Bless America" on my phone and as my alarm went off this morning, Freedom Rang!!! I got up, threw on my workout gear and promptly did 'The Pledge of Allegiance' to the miniature flag I had placed on my dresser.

I decided to go to the local convenience store and get a 52 oz tea as I don't know what's more American than buying the largest drink known to man. I also got a corn dog because, well, I like corn dogs and they had one. I made sure to hang a second mini flag from my sun visor to keep the American spirit with me all day long.

I tried to keep thoughts of America in my mind all day. I have to say, I love capitalism and supported it by buying my comics today. I also ate a burger and fries which I know isn't necessarily American but the fast food burger is.

For dinner I ate the most American meal I could, a hot dog and some apple pie. I got it at a gas station and the pie was a Mrs. Baird fried pie but it was the spirit that I was going for so I think it counts.

I plan on reciting the pledge again before I go to bed to bookend the day but I do have to say that I love the country I live in. I know I am biased but I can't think of anywhere else I would rather live. They say 'Home is where the Heart is" which is true because mine is definitely in America.

That is all,


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Erin said...

I really like your American thoughts that deal with food/beverage and just buying things. We are a nation of consumers.