Friday, January 02, 2009

TBWCYL - Day 2 Love Life

We are into the swing of things and for today's exercise, I am to "gaze at everyone wondering whether they might be the one true love of your life, the one destined for you and you alone, and whether you might be passing them by forever... Aet in consequence."

I decided I would only do this with perfect strangers to make things more interesting. Using people I already know seems like a stretch since I know details about them and the realism of my wondering might overshadow the point of it all. While I am happily married, I took this seriously. However, I didn't consider dudes because I don't need no sausage fest going on, OK!?!

I found this exercise to be harder than I originally thought. First, since it was the Friday after the New Year, things were slower in Dallas and my number of possible soul mates seemed to be reduced. Also, my mind normally will wander without prompting but today, since I was tasked to, I had a difficult time making my brain do this. It's the opposite of telling someone not to think of a purple elephant. Tell me to think of something and I can't force the juices to flow.

But, I finally found a couple of candidates. The first I saw from afar at the local Borders Books as I was in there this afternoon. She was a blonde, which I normally don't go for and thus I might be missing them as my true love. She was in the range of 25 to 30 and wore a white shirt. That's all I could see from over the book racks but my mind saw more. We would be married in the fall and she would bare me 2 children. We grow old together and die in each others arms. Funny enough, in my entire daydream she wears the same white shirt.

My other possibility was a large black woman with fake eye lashes that verged on the 250 lb range and was about 5 feet tall. I named her Eye'leasha because of the spiderleg eyelashes she wore. I saw her in line at the Sonic counter in the mall tonight. I was apprehensive at first but using the criteria that she is my one true love, I forced myself to get into the spirit. However, in this scenario, love isn't the only force to deal with. Our relationship has it's ups and downs because of the race issue and neither of our families really approves. Also, her weight becomes an issue early on and causes us physical problems. Despite our love, the outside forces break us up after 9 months. Years later, I see her on the street a changed woman. She resembles Halle Berry more than Monique but the years and the superficial reasons for our break up cause us both to be polite but not consider a reunion.

Daydreaming can be a trip.

That is all,


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