Saturday, June 27, 2009

TBWCYL Day 177 - A league of my own

Yesterday's task was to "Try seducing someone way out of your league". Well, this is another task that kind of got screwed up by the fact that I' So, in reality I probably shouldn't be trying to seduce anyone. Diana kept saying that she was way out of my league but I told her I think The Book meant a league higher than the one you were in and not lower.

I wanted to do something to make this task completed so I decided to see if I could get one of my female coworkers to agree to go to lunch with me. In terms of being "out of my league" I guess I would consider her in that category because I get the impression that I am not her type from conversations we have had about the type of men she dates.

I set up the invite in what I thought was a perfect way. "Hey, I have to drive downtown to drop off a disk. Would you like to come along and we can grab some Twisted Root while we are down there?". Well, it didn't work because she deemed it too expensive and too fattening. Shot down!

I will throw this in. I guess my task worked it's way into a dream I had last night. I was driving in an imaginary city and stopped to grab lunch. I walked into this Schlotzky's that served tacos and chips and was immediately at a swimming pool. The girl of my dreams was there and I was a huge nerd in the dream. We knew each other though and so I was invited to help her play a game of war in the pool. In it, she got on my shoulders and I walked under water while she fought above. Also, I could breath under water as well.

As we did battle, I kept hearing her friends talking to her in this weird voice over montage of clips. Someone would say how I liked her, the next how it was sad that she teased me like she did, a third saying that I was pathetic. The girl of my dreams acted oblivious to this, not knowing how I felt. Yet I was still determined to kiss her.

I guess my dreams can be influenced by my tasks.

That is all,


2 Ripples in the pond:

Girl Interrupted said...

Awww! The girl of your dreams sounds like a bit of a bitch!

Trinity said...

Well, I don't try and judge my dreams to hashly. They can only control themselves so much before I take over and then it is really all on me.