Saturday, June 06, 2009

TBWCYL Day 156 - Reinventing the wheel

So, yesterday's task was a thinker. The Book dictated that today I was to redesign an already existing product and make it better. Sounds easy right? WRONG!!!

I spent the entire drive in to work brainstorming, couldn't think of a good idea and spent the entire time driving home doing the same. When I got home the only thing I could think of was to tape the remotes together to make a "Do-It Yourself Universal Remote" and that just isn't good enough.

Diana was no help with ideas either. She just sat there staring at me and being generally unhelpful. Finally I walked into my bedroom and saw a pair of 3D glasses when it hit me. I already had been meaning to do something similar already but hadn't made myself do it yet. I should explain.

If you can't tell by pictures, I am pretty hefty. This generally manifests itself in my belly but I also have a huge head.

Most peoples head look like this: o
Mine looks like this: 0

This comes into play because we went and saw 'Coraline' in 3D a few weeks back and the goggles they give you are supposed to be a one-size-fits-all type thing. Except when I put them on, the stems are forced to spread which causes the lenses to bow out like this: (

That means some of the 3D doesn't pop as much. All of this leads me to how I improved these stupid glasses. I pocketed my pair and brought them home to retrofit for my fat head so I could actually enjoy the movies when I go to them.

I took them out to the garage, fired up the circular saw, and sawed off about half of each of the stems right where they would meet the temples. Then I drilled a small hole in each of the stumps and attached one of Diana's old hair bandana things through the holes.

Voila, a one size fits all elastic banded set of 3D glasses to watch Digital 3D movies with. I can now see the entire movie in comfort.

And for you fasionistas out there I made them match a few of your outfits. Behold, it is a 2 sided band that can be rotated to help coordinate.
Sure, I will look funny in these when I pull them out but it's a dark theatre and why the hell are you looking at me anyway?

That is all,


2 Ripples in the pond:

Girl Interrupted said...

The polka dots go better with your Ghostbusters t-shirt

Trinity said...

Exactly. And when I wear my Sesame Stree shirt, the stripes will really bring out Barkley.