Tuesday, June 16, 2009

TBWCYL Day 167 - Voodoo Child

Today is '2-D Voodoo Doll' day. The Book was kind enough to supply me with a 2 dimensional Voodoo Doll and some easy to follow instructions.

"Instructions: draw a line from our special 2-D pins to the areas of voodoo activity you require. White pins are for positive voodoo. Black pins are for negative voodoo. Remember! Any bad karma caused is your responsibility"

So, I picked my cousin, Philip, as the target for this voodoo. He is a baby daddy of the highest order and has been in and out of prison since he was a teenager. I figure if anyone needs voodoo, it will be him.

So, for the white pins I drew them to:
Acceptance (he needs to realize he is a loser and fix that)
Get Job (I don't believe he has ever held a job for more that a few months)
Enlightenment (Find a way to get past being a screw up and get back on a path to being better)

For the black pins I drew them to:
Freedom (Until he can get his act together, I don't think he needs to be released again)
Lose Hair (The Fro has got to Go. He is half African American and that half is in his hair)
Busted (If he does get out then I hope he gets busted again quickly. He usually does anyway so at least he won't get use to freedom)
Guilty (He keeps getting out on technicalities and luck. I think a Guilty verdict would be a good way to show him he isn't as cool as he thinks he is)
Impotence (I am doing this one for the entire world. I have lost count of how many kids he has)

So, for Philip's sake, I hope the voodoo works.

That is all,


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Girl Interrupted said...

Crikey ... :/ he sounds like what we'd refer to as a "bit of a bad egg"

Is there anything about sticking pins in testicles? Because if there is please can you send those pages on to me? I've drawn up a list of victims ... I mean candidates