Monday, June 22, 2009

TBWCYL Day 173 - Is that a banana or are you just happy to see me?

So, one of the benefits of staying up all night was that as soon as midnight hit I was into Monday and I could use the fact that I was up anyway to do my task. Today's task was to "Stick a message on a fruit". And no, that doesn't mean I was suppose to put a sign on a gay person.

The Book came ready with some examples so on Friday I headed to the local Kinko's and enlarged the Book's stickers and had them printed on a piece of label paper. Then I cut them out and took them to the Tom Thumb. If you have never been to a grocery store late at night, it is an interesting place. There appeared to be one woman working at the check out, and a couple of stock guys were doing their bit as well. The store closes at 1 a.m. so I doubt they get much business past 10 but they stay open for schmucks like me.

I had prepped the stickers ahead of time and had them ready to go when I got to the fruit area. I felt slightly devious as I walked around putting mock labels on random fruits. After sticking the stickers on, I would turn the fruit in question around so when people find them it will be more surprising and ultimately more fun. "What is on the stickers" you ask?

A mango got the sticker saying "GMT - Genetically Modified Tomato"

I put "Help! I am Greg Dwek, a US citizen kidnapped by the anti-government forces in Nambia. For the last ten years they have made me work like a slave in their apple plantation in southern Nambia. This is the first message I have been able to smuggle out. Please alert the White House to my plight by passing on this apple! My life is in your hands." on a Granny Smith apple.

I slapped "Shave Me" on a kiwi. That was my favorite.

"$1 Million Inside!" went on a cantaloupe.

And I put "Technically I'm a vegetable" on a tomato. I liked the irony/sarcastic intent that this one had.

I think these harmless guerrilla tactic tasks are my favorite. I like to think that when people find these stickers they will get a chuckle and a story to tell their friends. I sometimes think back on these and laugh. I still expect a man to walk up and ask me why I sent him a picture of myself with a $5 bill.

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Girl Interrupted said...

Haha oh awesome! :P I liked the Greg Dwek one best ... I'd love to find wacky stickers on my fruit!