Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mole-y Toledo!!!!

I have been meaning to post this for a while but kept putting it off but since I can't sleep, I am taking the opportunity to get this up.

On our recent trip to Prague, I wanted to bring something specifically Czech back to the states for my Goddaughter Addison and my Nephew Luke. As we were shopping we learned of a Czech cartoon character called the Little Mole. It seems that this character is widely known throughout the Czech Republic and has stared in countless movies, cartoons and books for kids. As soon as I found this I knew that I had to find a book for the kids and bring it back.

So for the entire three days we were in Prague I searched for these books in English. I hit multiple gift shops, book stores and any other place that I thought might have them but had no luck. While the stuffed animals and toys were plentiful, I could find nothing in print. Finally, on our last day we were wandering around and found a three story toy store. Here they had exactly what I was looking for.

I bought three books: one for Addison, one for Luke and one for me. The titles were Little Mole and the Mother, Little Mole and the Rocket Ship, and Little Mole and his Toy Car. I chose to give Addison the one about the Mother and on a recent trip to Lubbock, I took it and a stuffed Mole and gave it to her.

I ran to get donuts one morning during my visit and when I came back Thomas asked if I had seen inside the book. They had originally come wrapped in plastic so I hadn't really looked in them and Thomas opened up a couple of pages and showed me the gift I had bought. Apparently Little Mole and the Mother isn't about Little Mole and his Mother but instead about a Hare who gives birth.

The story goes like this:

Initially Little Mole is told of a baby coming and is asked to help. All of a sudden the Hare and her husband are laying on the ground in a very unsanitary area as a Owl looks on. Little Mole gets very excited and goes to get a medical bag. When he gets back this is what he sees.

Holy Shit!!! Does that Rabbit have a Vag? And is that a face in there? OH MY GOD!!! What did I buy?

So, Little Mole seems perfectly OK with the idea of delivering this litter of hares and proceeds to get to it. He uses all the best Czech medical training and starts delivering the hares. Luckily this isn't medically factual or he might have wanted some gloves. So, if you are a mole delivering baby hares, how would you handle it? Well, by yanking them out Winnie the Pooh style.

That's right. He just reaches in and grabs their arms and gives a nice little tug. Last I checked, pediatricians didn't use this method but I haven't watched much Learning Channel so there may be some knew techniques I am unaware of. Little Mole better watch out though, his nose is sticking in some very sensitive areas. After the first couple of hares come out, this process really gets swinging. In total there are four hares born and I guess giving birth to a litter is like popping open a bottle of champagne. Once you pop the cork, they just shoot out.

Why, it looks like kids at the playground when they all came down the tube slide at the same time. Look at 'em go. Wheeeeeee!!!!

All in all I was quite surprised at my purchase. Now Addison will learn the Birds and the Bees, or in this case the Moles and the Hares, from a book and be completely confused when she realizes that babies aren't delivered by a cartoon mole.

I immediately came home and checked to make sure Little Mole and the Rocket Ship was, in fact, about an actual rocket ship.

That is all,


4 Ripples in the pond:

The Reynolds said...

I just showed my mom that book this morning! I wanted to show her the wonderful little book that my daughter now owns. It definitely is a keeper.

Trinity said...

It is so dirty!

Erin said...

THIS is what the Mole book quest brought us??

Oh geez.

Girl Interrupted said...

Hahahaha!! Oh Trinity, only you could do something like that lol Look at the face on Mummy Hare! Somebody had too much Pethidine :P