Wednesday, June 03, 2009

TBWCYL Day 154 - Workin' hard or hardly workin'

So, today's task was pretty hard...hard work that is. I was tasked with working hard today which is actually something I have been known to do on occasion but try to shy away from it when possible.

I took this task very seriously and the second I started work, around 8:15 this morning, I didn't stop except to eat, pee, and get drinks of water. Here is how my day usually goes.

I get in at 7:45, check my Hotmail, comic book news sites, and my list of blogs for comments. Get a cup of coffee and a cup of water and sit at my computer chatting with my office mate. After shooting the shit for 10 minutes, I look at all the emails that have accumulated since yesterday and clean out my inbox. Then I go about the things I have written on my 'To Do' list and at least once an hour check the comic news sites and my blog to see if anything has changed. I lunch around 11:30, take advantage of 12:30 to 1:00 to get caught up on what I missed during lunch and go about the morning routine in the afternoon.


Today I came in and knocked out a blog before 8, started working some art files, updated a spreadsheet, had conference calls with a client where I had to lay down the law on them, and corrected some forms. I then updated a lot of artwork that needed corrections, faxed off a proof to a gentleman for a business card, and had a meeting with the VP of Sales and an Account Manager about a project. This was all before lunch. When I got back I worked on a project for a new client, and prepped documents to launch a new website I am working on. I knew I was busy because the entire day, and I do mean entire, I didn't touch the Internet unless it involved work related things.

If that doesn't constituted hard work then I don't know what does. Kind of sad that I had to have a book tell me to bust my ass.

That is all,


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