Tuesday, June 23, 2009

TBWCYL Day 174 - Hairy Situation

I was meant for today's task as today I was "Body Hair Day". I have some particular expertise in this area and so today I celebrated my body hair.

I started with a nice shower today. After shampooing my head I bypassed the body wash and grabbed the Head and Shoulders. I gave my entire body of hair a good lather and let the shampoo AND conditioner do it's magic.

After drying off I pulled out the comb and ran it through my chest, armpit, and pubic hairs to make sure that there weren't any tangles. Not for my hair there isn't. I was more gentle with my deodorant than usual and wore a polo to work to let my arm hair have some extra freedom.

After my body hair was confined to the prison of cotton and polyester blends all day, I hit the gym and let the sweat rinse me down. I have spent the rest of the night in just a pair of shorts to give every follicle a chance at the freedom it so richly deserves.

Viva le hair!!!

That is all,


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Girl Interrupted said...

Vive le hair? lol ... tbh, that post contained just a tad too much info for my liking :P