Wednesday, June 03, 2009

TBWCYL Day 153 - Plant Whisperer

Yesterday I was tasked with talking to a plant for 1 hour. This was difficult only in the time assigned to it. So, I went out into my backyard to fire up the grill and started a chat with some smaller weeds that have been growing in between the small rocks in my backyard patio area. I pulled up a chair and got the grill fired up and while it was warming up the weeds and I had a little discussion about how they have been encroaching on my property.

They didn't see my side of things and sat there taunting me with their weediness so I bent down and plucked some of them up. All the while I explained to them that they were trespassing and needed to leave. They still didn't agree with me and I was forced to go get the garbage can, all the while saying howdy to the back yard grass, and came back to wreck havoc on them.

After pulling about half of them up, I got an idea. I told them to hold tight because I had a little treat for them and went into the garage to get the liquid weed killer I have. It attaches to a garden hose and pumps out the chemical with water so I opened the side gate and walked around to get the hose when I found something odd on the side of the house. I looked down into the rock path next to the house and found this...

I had to get a shovel to get it unearthed but it appears that someone or something carried a furry hoof and leg bone into my yard and left it there. It was half buried under the rock and I was quite worried that someone didn't want to dispose of their hunting leftovers and just buried them in my yard. Images of Pet Cemetery started flashing in my head.

I threw the leg away but I still am not sure what it belongs to. It had a cloven hoof and hair on its leg so it leads me to believe a deer, but it was too small to be a full deer so someone may have killed a Bambi and was trying to hide the evidence. More likely a dog carried it in and tried to bury it and wasn't successful.

I continued with my Plant Massacre by spraying down the weeds and afterwords gloating about it to said weeds as I grilled our dinner. They didn't seem to find our conversation very stimulating.

That is all,


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