Friday, April 28, 2006

Sexual Awareness Week Day 5: Get a Life

Today is our last day of Sexual Awareness Week and I thought I would end our list of new and updated games for sexual awareness with the ultimate game of the real world, Life. The title for my new version? "Sex Life." We all know the original's premise. You work your way through the game, trying to see how your life would go if you a) went to College or b) went and started working. Well, in Sex Life the premise stays close. In my version you have to decide whether you hold onto your virginity, or throw caution to the wind and loosen that belt at a young age.

Throughout the game you will encounter different things that teenagers and young adults face. That time during high school where someone offered you pot, the college party where you drink too much and wake up in the morning feeling dirty, and the office Christmas party where your coworker wants to give you more than just a white elephant gift. What will you choose during your journey through the Sex Life.

During the game, you will have the opportunity to pick up diseases, infections, and the occasional baby. The end of the game will be determined by your added up medical expenses throughout your life compared to your opponents. The longer you keep yourself in your pants, the better you will do. But, can you resist the temptation?

This game will give children real life experiences to face and will hopefully see the consequences of their actions.

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