Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Sexual Awareness Week Day 3: What's the Risk

So, in our continuing education course, I now submit to you the next game in our sex/ed line. What's the Risk? This variation is a take off of the warfare game, Risk. Now we all know that in Risk, you and a competing army battle each other to see who can take over the world. Well, my version is quite similar to this. Instead of the world, What's the Risk? takes place in a generic body. Arms, legs, head, torso and waist are all areas of battle. The Warring factions, however, aren't armies. They are made up of the HIV Virus, and the bodies immune system.

My recommendation while playing this game is to be HIV. Why? Because know matter how well you play the game, you will never cure HIV. The game is played in the same way that regular Risk is played. You and your opponent place your globuals around the body and try to invade territories. Throughout the game, you roll to see if you can fight the virus or if the virus infects another area of the body. Watch out for those battle cards though. One false step and you could be facing a full blown outbreak of AIDS.

Other cards such as "T cell count increase", and "Medicinal Cocktail" help your body try to fend off the virus, but unless you can draw the coveted "Cure" card, you will die. Why? Because, no matter what you do, the HIV will always kill you. And if your opponent draws the "Death" card, then you will automatically die.

This is another fun example of how we can try to educate our children. So, maybe this game isn't on the market now, but you can always go out and make your own. Hell, you can even get your kids involved and they might learn a lesson in the process.

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Teri said...

Hey Trin, I am writing (or let's say correcting) a grant right now about HPV and cervical cancer, if you want something to add to your Risk game. :)

Trinity said...

Thats Ok, though I hope you are enjoying that reading material. Sounds Depressing.