Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Sexual Awareness Week Day 2: Out of Operation

So, we've hit day two in our Sexual Awareness Seminar and we continue my ideas on educating children about sex and its dangers. Today we alter the surgical game Operation.

In the sex/ed version of Operation, we replace our good buddy the Patient with a new version. Instead of a Fat guy on the table, we put a girl on. Her symptoms? STD's. Using your tweezers you will have to pull out different Sexually Transmitted Diseases from her body. Imagine playing this game as a child and pulling a Herpes outbreak off of her lip. The bad news is you will have to draw a card to see if another outbreak will occur.

Oh, the hours of fun you can have. Remove Chlamydia from her pubic area, inflammation from her Fallopian tubes, and genital warts from, you guesses it, her genitals. In fact most of the symptoms will have to be removed from her genitals as that is where most STD's occur. And while we are at it, we might as well just remove her ovaries, as many Sexually transmitted infections can lead to infertility.

But girls should also learn that sex can lead to more than just a virus. That's why, there will also be a baby placed in her stomach. For effect however, the baby will not be able to be removed until the end of the game, or a premature birth card is drawn.

Girls should really be more careful with their bodies and yet they aren't. More than 20 STIs have now been identified, and they affect more than 13 million men and women in this country each year. As education is the key, I again urge creativity as a way of prevention.

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