Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Guitar Lessons

Let me start off by telling you all that one of my life long goals is to learn to play the banjo. I know it's not the coolest instrument in the world, but I don't particularly care. My love of the banjo is in my blood. Hell, I even watched that cartoon Doug because he played a banjo.

Now my parents were hesitant to go out and buy me a banjo because they were expensive and, lets face it, my parents aren't to fond of entertaining my weird requests. So instead of a banjo, we compromised and I got a guitar. This really is a superior instrument when it all boils down. So, I got a teach yourself book and even signed up for lessons from Midland College. I played a little bit but just never really could get myself pumped up enough to take an interest. After my course ended, I moved to Lubbock and the guitar went with me. It hasn't been removed from the case since.

Until Now. Diana left me for the Easter weekend and with nothing better to do, I pulled it out... my guitar that is. Three years haven't helped to retain to much information but I am determined to get proficient in guitar. So, everyone pray for me. Pray that I have the patience to stick with it this time, pray that I have a sliver of talent in my body so that I can be decent at it, and pray that no matter how bad I play Diana will stay with me. As I post this, I am already gearing up to go sit on the floor and pick at it...my guitar that is.

That is all,


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