Thursday, April 13, 2006


So, I have recently been using the punchline "That's what she said" whenever someone says something and it got me thinking about the brilliance of this phrase as well as the phrase "... In my pants!" In thinking about this, I contend that with these two sayings, you could interject them into almost any situation and it be deemed funny.

Experiment time.

"Can I have a large Tea?"
"That's What she said"

"Do you have the time?"
"In my pants"

"I'm tired"
"that's what she said"

"Do you have a pet snake?"
"In my pants"

Yes, that's right. With these two simple phrases you can be the talk of any party, work function, or marital spat. So the next time someone asks you if you can recommend something for dinner, just remember there is always something to eat "In my pants."

That is all,
(That's what she said)


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Thomas said...

"You know when the power goes out? Well, it would be like that... but in my pants!"