Saturday, April 01, 2006

Slither - A review

So Yesterday, I got off early and decided to take in a movie. I went to see "Slither" because on premise and everything I saw about it, it looked like a campy horror flick that would make fun of itself and make me laugh. The premise of the movie is that an Alien rock lands on earth and this little puss thing comes out and infects a man. Turns out it is an alien virus that goes from planet to planet infecting and eating everything alive until there isnt anything left.

It delivered on the making fun of itself, and even slipped in a few good one liners, but bottom line: this movie stunk. The casting was actually fairly good. It had a few C listers that I actually enjoy. The little slithery things that the alien uses to infect people are extremely funny. They go in through the mouth so every time someone gets infected, it just looks like they've got a big sausage in their mouths.

The cast of characters include the mandatory small town cop who is in love with a girl he never thought he could have, a school teacher(the object of said cops affections) who is slightly stupid but incredibly beautiful, her A$$ hole husband(who later becomes the alien host), and a rag tag bunch of hillbilly small town people. Think Andy Griffith meets Alien and you have an idea of this movies cast.

All in all it was a decent watch, but I don't think I would have been any worse had I missed out on it. All throughout the movie I just expected Tom Servo to pop up and ad lib some goofy joke. So this critics rating is a B, as in B movie.

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