Wednesday, April 12, 2006

That's So Gay!

What happened to "That's So Gay"? For a while there it was everywhere. You would hear someone say something stupid and invariably someone would say "That's so Gay!" My cousin was really bad about it and it drove me crazy. First off, what the hell does that even mean? If a guy walked in and was wearing a pink shirt and you said "That's so Gay" then, ok, I get it. Pink = girly = homosexual. That makes sense. But when someone tells you that they went out drinking and ordered a Pina Colada, is the proper response really "You're so Gay"? How did this stupid phrase catch on so quickly, and furthermore, why do people use it for so many situations?

Here is a test of if you shouldn or shouldn't use the phrase "That's So Gay".
A. Is the person being told the phrase in any way associated with the use of a Penis? If yes, proceed to second criteria.
B. Would the reason you are using the phrase be consistent with something a stereotypical homosexual would be associated with?

If these criteria work, then go for it. Use the phrase. But using a banana doesn't constitute the use and neither does licking an ice cream cone. So, unless you see me walking down the street with a weiner in my mouth, or maybe grabbing somebody other than Thomas' ass, please refrain from using this saying. It is no longer 1993 and the homosexual population has risen in number so that "That's So Gay" is really more of a compliment than it was originally intended for. I apoligize for putting the image of me with a penis in my mouth into your heads.

That is all,


7 Ripples in the pond:

Thomas said...

Wow, Man! That is the most error ridden message that has ever been created by a college graduate! I mean, I know you graduated from Tech and everything, so we should give you the benefit of the doubt. But I think that this out-does that benefit!

Trinity said...

Hey man, I didnt do that. I typed it in Word and copied it in and it looks like some of the characters didnt transfer. I fixed it though.

Anonymous said...

was that like, uh, hieroglyphics?

milton said...

excuse me senior, i ordered a mai tai and you brought me a pina colada

Trinity said...

No they werent hieroglyphics. They were apostrophies that didnt transfer over

Thomas said...

I must say that you have some odd people posting on your blog now... and yes, I mean you Milton!

milton said...

Senor Tomas,

You are just jealous.