Friday, April 07, 2006

Water, Water Everywhere…

Last night, I was in the restroom with Diana getting ready to go to bed. This was at 10 P.M. Diana stepped on the rug right next to the bathtub and her foot came back wet. Upon further review, we noticed a large burnt orange mark on our white shower curtain. The joys of renting came into full view as I saw where all of the water was coming from. The A/C unit above the bathtub was dripping.

Now my first thought is condensation. We have been running the A/C a lot and our course it can build up. Well, I decided to unscrew the panel above the unit and let the water out. Luckily, I undid the right screw first because as soon as I got it out, orange water began to pour out of the screw hole. We had to call the apt. to see if someone could come out and while waiting, I watched 20 minutes of a steady stream drop into our bathtub.

I got it drained as much as possible and laid the shower liner down on the ground because I was now going to open the panel. After getting a little bit more water out, I undid the last two screws and let the panel drop. I guess I got most of the water out by draining because very little was left. What faced us instead were a HUGE rust stain and a dead cockroach. I guess he drowned. We finally got to bed about 11 after the maintenance guy called and said he would be out in the morning.

The point of this story? Condensation sucks!

That is all,

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Diana said...

For the record, I was pissed! I had set a bedtime of 10pm for myself, so I was an hour late (I know, I know, I'm an old woman these days)!