Saturday, April 15, 2006

The DaVinci Code - A Review

So I finally did it. I read The DaVinci Code. After working in a book store for two years and having the book sit on my shelf for lord knows how many months, I finally sat down with it and read. My verdict? Freakin' Awesome. I read it in three days and that was light reading. The hype is correct with this novel.

There were so many things about this book that I loved. The code breaking that is involved throughout the story was extremely entertaining. I love a good mystery when it comes to a book. I always hope I can figure it out before any of the main characters do. With this, however, it was impossible due to the lack of knowledge on my part for biblical writings and the sybolism of Mary Magdalene and the Church. This book has all of the things you would want in a quick read. Intrigue, mystery, a slight hint of romance, and action. The chapters are short and it makes it so much harder to put the book down because "Just one more chapter" keeps getting muttered.

I can now recommend this book to people and say that I have read it(I was known for recommending it without having read it when I worked at the WaldenBooks). With the movie coming out, it just seemed like that was the fire lit under my ass that got me to pick it up.

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