Monday, April 24, 2006

Sexual Awareness Week Day 1: Get a Clue!

After writing this blog, I decided that it was my duty to come up with new and innovative ways to teach children about sex and its risks. This is day one of Sexual Awareness Week.

So, I was recently discussing the fact that teenagers are more and more sexually active these days and it got me thinking. The schools can't teach you anything about sex, and it has been proven that your childhood has an affect on you so I suggest that our good friends at Parker Brothers create a new edition of Clue, that popular detective who done it game. This version would be called "Get a Clue" and instead of figuring out who killed the victim, we would instead be trying to figure out who gave the Venereal Disease to the Football player.

Imagine, if you will. The setting will be a town. The players will consist of The Cheerleader, The Band Geek, The Actor, The Loner, and The Volleyball player. A list of diseases will take the place of the murder weapons, and the settings will be various areas of town, i.e. Lookout Mountain, the Movie theatre, Victim's House, School, and a couple of other areas.

Now its up to the players to figure out "Who gave the Football player the VD?" Think of the hours of fun that you and your friends would have playing. The same rules apply, only now instead of it being "Miss Scarlett, in the Library, with the Candlestick", you will get to say "It was the Cheerleader, in the back of the Chevy, with gonorrhea."

Lets face it, teenagers these days are being less careful and more promiscuous. I went to a movie theatre this weekend and saw a kid who couldn't have been 15 with his hand on a girls ass and making out on a bench. I have no doubt that she is giving him more that her popcorn. I know that my childhood was influenced by random things, and I don't know if just talking to kids will be the answer anymore. Now, schools can only teach abstinence, and brother that ain't gonna cut it.

So, along with my suggestion, I will leave you with a parting comment that I saw on a respectable news program last weekend. Tina Fey, from Weekend Update said it best. "Girls, Your mouth can't get pregnant."

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Thomas said...

I totally agree with this stuff Vaughn! I think that the abstinence-only BS that is the party line right now is ridiculous. It is just like that whole Nancy Reagan "Don't Do Drugs" thing, where they didn't tell you the issues related to drug use, just that you should stay away from them because they are "bad." When will people realize that the "you will be punished from some atherial otherworld" crap doesn't stop anyone from doing anything! That is yet another thing that I think the current leaders of both our state and nation are dropping the ball on! Sorry for the political bash... couldn't help it!