Thursday, March 09, 2006

Where's a sponge when you need one?

So I'm walking into the office at work today with a UPS rep and what do I see but a huge puddle of water coming from the men's bathroom. Faster than you can say "Look at all that water", I ran into the bathroom to see where the hell it was coming from. The flap to the tank just didn't feel like closing when the last guy flushed and water was pouring out of the bowl.

After getting the water to stop running, it turned into chaos. People were running around, the maintenance guys showed up, I ran and got a shop vac and so did the maintenance guy. Have you ever tried to tell a guy who doesn't speak that much English that the water won't shut off? It's not easy, let me tell you.

So just like my hero Mario, I went to work getting all of the water up. Now why is this a problem you ask. You see our building is a P.O.S. and was hastily put together. The walls were constructed to make rooms. So as soon as the water hit the edge of the wall, it just kept going. Every office anywhere near the flood was getting water under the walls. We were running around trying to make sure that the electricity wasn't coming into contact with anything.

The moral of the story is really to check and make sure the water stops after you flush. It only took ten minutes of the water running to cause a cleanup effort of an hour. I'm just glad there wasn't any "residue."

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