Monday, March 06, 2006

Fulfilling a dream

Good news everyone. Today I finally fulfilled a lifelong dream, and No Mom, I didn't meet Big Bird, though that would have been sweet. After years of consideration, I bought a Mini-Fridge. That's right, that tiny receptical of miniture refridgeration is now MINE. For years I have pined away for a tiny cooling unit of my own. I got a really good deal on it and now my new office (eat your hearts out) has its own refridgerator and will soon have its own microwave. No longer will I have to get up and walk to the breakroom to get a snack. No, now I will just have to rotate my chair a mere 37 degrees and a cool treat will be at hand. Glory thy name is Igloo. Now that is the American Dream.

That is all,


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Thomas said...

So, if you had met Big Bird, it would have been sweat? I am hoping you meant sweet, because if Big Bird makes you sweat you shouldn't meet him because you might be allergic or terribly frightened of him! "Also, you might want to start proofing your blogs... there is a mistake in almost all of them," says your English teacher...