Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Indian Shmindian

I was talking with some people last week at work and got on the topic of old children's shows. Naturally we started talking about School House Rock and then I mentioned a commercial I used to see during Saturday Morning Cartoons. This lead to a discussion about commercials and leads me to what I want to ask.

Where the Hell did the Indian go?

Does anybody know what I'm talking about. He was that Native American that gets hit with a coffee cup or burger wrapper so something and then starts to cry. He was trying to tell us that it was wrong to litter, but the more I think about it, the more I wonder if that was really the way to go. I mean, not to be insensitive or anything, but if that guy starts crying over a Whopper baggy, then it's no wonder that they lost all of their land to Whitey. I always thought Indians were bad asses.

Also, is that guy a hobo? He just walks the roads, crying his eyes out over trash. Maybe he was crazy. Those people probably weren't littering, they were just giving him their leftovers without stopping. So if any of my loyal readers happen to see the wandering Cherokee on the side of the road, I have one little piece of advice for you: Call the police, the guy is clearly crazy, or at least depressed, if he is still walking the roads after all of these years, crying his eyes out at the trash.

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Thomas said...

You're an Idiot Shmidiot!!