Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Great Equalizer

I was driving away from the main building of my work today and what did I see but four of the guys I work with sitting outside smoking. All of these men work in the same building, yet knowing them as I do, they are all completely different kinds of people. This got me to thinking and I realized that if smoking is ever outlawed, we will have more predjudices than ever.

Think about the different personalities that are somehow always brought together by tobacco. Two people who would never have anything in common but are both smokers can always find something to talk about... at least if they are on a smoke break.

Imagine if you will...
A homeless guy and a millionaire are standing on a corner. One is waiting for his chauffeur, the other for the bus. The homeless guy sees the millionaire pull out a pack of Marlboro's and asks if he can bum one(no pun intended). Now I don't know many people, especially millionaires that would say no. Will they begin a conversation? Maybe not, but as they both smoke their cigarettes they will be connected.

I hate smoking, lets just get that straight. But if we can find unity by lighting up a cancer stick, then maybe there is a redeeming quality to every Camel, Marlboro and Kool that is lit up.

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