Thursday, March 09, 2006

I'm not "blank" but...

You know who I think is one of the stupidest people on the planet? No not Thomas, It's anyone who says "I'm not "blank" but... and then proceeds to give an example as to how much they really are. Let me explain.

Here is a common one. "I'm not racist but I just don't like black people." News flash. That's racism buddy. It usually gets worse because after they have said such a stupid comment, they then have to try to give reasons for why how they feel isn't racism. Like
"Well you just can't trust them" or " They're just lazy, that's all."

While I hear it more towards skin color, I was just in the car with the guy the other day and he told me that a restaurant that he liked to go to had turned gay. That the gays had taken it over. Then he said, and I quote, "It's not that I'm gayaphobic or anything. They're lovely people, I just don't want to hang around them." I bit my tongue on this, but really I just wanted to say, "If you sit next to them in a restaurant you won't catch gay. I mean your not going to be sitting over your veil Parmesan and suddenly go "I really want a penis."

Why can't people just come out and say how they feel. So in that respect, I am going to say what I think.

I love gay people. They are fun and engaging and I could care less what they put where. I have two friends who are gay. Notice I didn't say I have two gay friends? Well that's because it doesn't matter.

I am slightly afraid of black men. Why? How the hell should I know. Mostly because I don't know to many black people and I am fairly sure that they could easily beat the living crap out of me. Am I racist? Maybe. Not anywhere near to the extent that some people are, but I guess I do have a little racial tension. But it doesn't make me a bad person, I'm just not perfect.

So the next time you hear someone other than your boss say that all encompassing phrase of stupidity, call BULLSHIT on them. It might just make the world a little bit saner.

That is all,


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Thomas said...

Good post man! I had this same experience with someone recently who did the same thing about "the gays". It is just so ridiculous that people feel like they are going to catch something. I also had something going on with the racism issue which I will have to tell you about over the telie because I don't know who may be reading this... WHY DO YOU FOLLOW EVERYTHING I DO, FBI AND CIA AGENTS!!!!!