Saturday, March 11, 2006

Shiner 96

I have had a miracle occur this weekend. I am in Midland, as of this post, and my mother, the saint that she is, found me a beer that I had thought was all gone. Apparently Albertson's has such a strange beer section that it for some reason is selling the seasonal beer, Shiner 96. They are selling it in single bottles and I can only guess that this is something they don't normally do. I finally got to taste the deliciousness of the Marzen-style ale that was Shiner 96.

After looking all around Dallas, I assumed that I would never get to taste the time sensitive ale, and yet my mom pulled it through. God bless Albertson's for being so crappy that they haven't sold beer that was pulled from the shelves three month's ago. I guess before I leave town, I will need to go by there and stock up.

That is all,


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