Saturday, March 18, 2006

What's Your Sexuality?

Last night our friends, Dan and Dustin, decided they wanted to go eat at the Magic Time Machine. For those of you who don't know what that is, it is a restaurant that has a series of rooms that are all decorated in different and strange ways. The waiters are all dressed up like famous characters, mostly cartoon characters. I have been there once before and we had Malibu Barbie as our waitress.

Last night we ended up with Dennis the Menace as our waiter and he was extremely funny. Anyway, last night we were sitting in our Tiki booth and Dan made eye contact with Dorothy, from the Wizard of Oz. She saw him and decided to come over to the table. She loudly said, "I saw you looking at me." Dan, being the flamboyant girl that he is, said in the most sensuous voice that he could, "Oh, Really." This prompted her to say, as loudly as she could, "Are You GAY?"

After telling her that he was, she proceeded to tell him that there was another gay guy down at another table and wanted him to come with her to meet him. It took some persuading but she finally accepted that Dan
had a boyfriend and told us that "I have a boyfriend too and it’s a pain.” You hear that Dorothy's boyfriend, you are a pain.

We had to tell Dennis and it blew his mind. Throughout the evening it was revealed to us that Dorothy was a product of the Kansas Public School System and all that time on the farm had placed her as an 18 year old sophomore. It was also revealed that she told the other gay guy that Dan existed. He apparently wasn’t as surprised by his existence as Dorothy was.

What’s the best part of the story? She is a chronic gay questioner. She asked another man at a table and darn it, he wasn’t Gay. She got sent home and, no, she didn’t leave on a tornado. Apparently, the Magic Time Machine went back and grabbed a bumpkin from a time where gay people were a novelty.

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Thomas said...

That story freaking rocks! I wish I would have been there to see that!

I guess she wouldn't have had to ask if Dan was gay if he would have been in his Boy George digs!

Did Dustin feel left out of the novelty because she didn't ask him? If she would have asked, man would it have blown her mind that there were three of "the gays" in the restaurant at once!