Saturday, March 11, 2006

The Midnight Golfer

Interesting story. Last night Diana and I were driving to Midland and stopped to let the dogs go to the bathroom at a rural gas station. It was an Allsups if that helps any of you. So anyway, we were walking the dogs and a older man in a pick up truck pulled up and got out. I wasn't paying any attention to him, but he casually said Hello to Diana and mentioned something about the dogs and going to the bathroom.

We got to the end of the grassy area and that's when we saw it. The Midnight Golfer. The man pulled a chipping wedge, that's a golf club for you non-golfers, and began to swing at the grass. That's right, we were standing in a rural area, in the dark of night with an guy chipping imaginary golf balls into the night.

I wasn't really sure what to do, but he deposited the club in the back of his truck and walked into the Allsups. It was the last we ever saw of that dedicated chipper. I can only imagine that he is, right now, swinging his heart out at a gas station somewhere in America.



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