Friday, March 31, 2006

Sofa King We Todd Did

I was lying in bed last week trying to go to sleep, but a question kept bugging me so I offer it to you for your input. If a mentally challenged person is called retarded then that implies that a person is tarded to begin with. What the hell does being tarded mean? Am I at this moment in time tarded? In definitive terms, retarded means to slow. But that would mean that a tarded person would be kinda slow and then a retarded person would be really slow because he was slowed doubly. So, I will give everyone an easy shot by asking the question, "Am I a Tard?" Let the games begin.

That is all,


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Thomas said...

Maybe tarded stems from tardy, like late for class or an obligation. If so, then yes, you are correct in your analysis that tarded would mean slow. I don't know who first started thinking of us humans as slow, but I do know that in the future when the planet is ruled by civilized apes, they will think that we are slow, especially that Dr. Zaius... what an A-hole that fella will be!