Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Zombies Rock

So, I am currently reading a set of Graphic Novels of the comic book series 'The Walking Dead' and can I just say that I am really getting turned around on the whole Undead thing. I use to think that zombies were stupid and had no value but after reading this and seeing movies like Shaun of the Dead I realize that zombies aren't stupid, well I mean they are because they have no thought process because they are dead, but they have great story value.

In 'The Walking Dead' a man wakes up from a coma and the entire world has been zombiefied. He goes looking for survivors and finds his family living with a group of humans. The story is really character driven and the zombies are used as a looming threat. They stop the humans from finding food and shelter, but are barely in the book. The real story happens after the zombies appear because people who you wouldn't normally care about are now interesting because we see how they survive.

Also, the use of zombies as a comedic device have numerous possibilities. Why, I was just reading 'Marvel Zombies,' which is a zombie take on the Marvel superheroes, and lets just say that when Zombie Hulk eats a leg of a person and then changes back to Bruce Banner, the leg doesn't fit so well and busts out. Pure comedy gold. Plus, Zombie Spiderman is even funnier than regular Spidey.

All in all I have really changed my opinion of Zombies. And with that I say...

That is all,


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