Wednesday, June 07, 2006

After Devil Day

So, yesterday was 06-06-06 and guess what. As far as we know, the Devil made no appearances. Yes, some religious groups did hold all day prayer sessions so maybe there was a little help, but all in all I didn’t notice anything different. I had hoped that at least the sky would have turned red or maybe the pond by my lake might dry up but I was slightly disappointed.

Now, the fact that the new remake of The Omen was released yesterday was a great little bit of press. I also know that some CDs were release to correspond to the big 666 day. Heck, even I got in spirit and felt like going out and seeing the movie just because the big day only happens once every 100 years.

The biggest thing that happened to me was that my little girl, Hazel, had a birthday yesterday. It did seem a little odd that my demon of a dog celebrated her birthday on the day of the Devil, but so did everyone else. One little fact that I did hear, women were rescheduling their births to avoid having their babies born yesterday. And I can’t blame them.

So Happy Belated Birthday to Hazel who turned two and to anyone who was born on 06-06-06, I hope your nannies don’t kill themselves on your fourth birthday.

That is all,


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