Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Motion Lotion

So, you know how women have all sorts of “nether region” creams? Some of them freshen, some of them just make it smell nice, and some are just to keep it look youthful. Well, I gave it some thought and decided that Men should have a cream that does all of this in one little bottle. I call it…‘Weiner Cleaner’.

That’s right guys. Imagine a cream just for us. One that can be massaged in to your frankfurter and will clean, de-age and add that lovely fragrance that makes a boy feel like a man. ‘Weiner Cleaner’ is the be all and end all of revitalizers. It can be applied numerous times and must be worked into the skin quite thoroughly. Just take the tubular pink bottle and squirt. A little dab will do it.

‘Weiner Cleaner’ from Head and Shoulders.

That is all,


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