Friday, June 09, 2006

Daytime TV, Oh how I missed you

Don't you just love Jerry Springer? Poor Liz, her husband is sleeping with his step-sister, but she is here to get him back.

"This Marriage is supposed to be 50/50 not 50/25" But can you blame Randy, "I love my sister, and I don't love you, don't need you". But Liz isn't going to give up so easily. "It takes two to tango, buddy."

Randy sheds some light on why he felt the need to sleep with his sister. "The first four years was pretty good, then we was married, and our love just fell, like when I go out playing Horseshuuus, and she starts yelling "Randy!"

But I sure thought they could reconcile. Then we met Sis. What a catch. Bleach blond hair, skinny as a Ethiopian, and oooh that gap in her teeth was ssssmokin. She was there to fight for her man/brother. That's when Jerry brought up what I think is a very good point, "Don't you feel strange being with your brother?"

Sis responded,
"I'm not blood, were step" and that's where I think the real logic lies.

There was a heated debate between Liz & Sis though. After taking her unborn baby into consideration, Sis informed Liz that "If yous wasn't pregnant I'd put you on the floor".

Liz didn't seem to appreciate all the concern for her kids, and she let Sis know it.
"You don't tell me how to raise my kids"
In which she responded, "No cause I raise 'em better"

But poor Liz got a little info from Sis, "You're the one done him like you did him!" Oh, no wonder he went to sleep with his sister. After a little bit more heated debate, Liz's plea doesn't fall on deaf ears, "I love you from the bottom of my feet to the top of my head," and lets just say that's one hell of a trip,

But Randy still has some hesitation so Liz tries another tactic. "I only have one thing to say, YOU WILL COME BACK to raise our kids, YOU WILL."

After a while Randy comes to a decision, "I'm goin back home to my babies". Sis don't take that too well. However, she does have a classy side to her, as she flashes the audience. Now that's class.

Everything does come into clarity as it was revealed they were all from OHIO. For some reason this causes the audience to dance. I am not making this up. They actually got up on stage and danced, like OHIO was the secret word or something.

Final thoughts?

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