Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Civil War - Major Revelations

So, for anyone who read my last post on the greatness that is Marvel Civil War, issue two just came out and DAMN! I am going to warn that I am giving a major piece of news away but as no one who reads this reads comics I will now go for it.

Spiderman revealed his identity to the world. That's right, the secret is out. Iron Man held a press conference and Peter Parker announced to the world on national television that he was Spiderman and has always been. I am just getting my mouth off the floor.

This is monumental. So many things will change after this. His family will never be safe. The need for a mask goes right out the window and he won't have to be running from the law because with this, he is now registered. That means he is a government agent. A paid agent. He's no longer a vigilante.

I peed myself a little just thinking about it. Sometimes they say "After this things will never be the same" but this is really one of those times.

So for now That is all,


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dad said...

after this major announcement,i guess it's all right to tell you about santa claus,the tooth fairy,the easter bunny,etc.