Thursday, June 22, 2006

America DOES have Talent

So, last night after I got back from the gym, yes I did go to aerobics again, I was too tired to really do anything but read so I turned on the TV. What did I watch? America’s Got Talent. I started watching it because I assumed it would be a train wreck. I mean, c’mon. David Hasselhoff & teen sensation Brandy are the judges. But as I started watching it, I could understand the draw.

Random people audition their talents with the hope of winning a Million Dollars. Mind you, these talents are various and some are awful but that was what got me to tune in. Some of my favorites? The ventriloquist who, for the love of god I don’t know how, was able to speak while moving his lips. That wasn’t the trick though. The trick was he could speak normally while moving his lips like those Godzilla people. He would say “There’s Godzilla” but his lips would be moving in random ways like he was speaking Japanese. It was freaky.

There was also a magician who went into a giant microwave that filled with smoke and when he came out he was a black man. He even looked in his pants and jumped for joy. Funny stuff.

The rappin’ Granny finished out the show and I don’t care who you are, a 65 year old black woman dressed in a house dress that busts out with talk of bullets keeping her up til 4 am is Ggggrrreeeaaatt.

So, I now have a new show for the summer. I’m not saying I will watch it every week but if I am home, and lets face it I am usually am, then I will turn it on.

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