Sunday, September 27, 2009

TBWCYL Day 270/The Misadventures of Duncan and Hazel - Cake Eaters

It isn't often I get to mix two of my post series together for one blog but today The Book delivered in spades. Here is what happened.

The Book set my task today to make a Fruit Cake. There was a recipe that follows

8 oz Margarine
12 oz Superfine sugar
10 oz Flour
5 eggs
20 oz dried fruit
Mix together and put in pan to cook at 320 degrees for 90 minutes. Well, we hit the store and around lunch today I made the cake. It tasted nasty so after a few bites I threw it in the garbage. Please note the picture as the cake size comes into play later in the story.
So after dinner tonight we decided to go to see a movie. You may have already guessed what happened but on returning from 'Love Happens' we were met with a cowering Hazel by the back door which means that shit has hit the fan. In this case, it was trash hitting the dining room floor but you get my point.
Now, remember the cake? You know, the entire cake I threw away that is the size of a sheet cake? Well, I guess Duncan and Hazel's palettes are not as delicate as mine because they didn't have any trouble polishing off half of my cake. The dark spots are the Crazins I put inside it. So in my estimation, not counting what else they may have eaten out of the trash, they took in the calories from:
1 stick of margarine
6 oz of sugar
5 oz of flour
10 oz of Crazins
2 eggs
This was after eating a bowl of food each just hours before.
Here are the culprits after being dragged back to the scene of the crime. You might notice the tubular shape to the two criminal masterminds. I can only imagine what will happen in the next few days as my yard becomes a minefield of technicolor droppings.
I am probably unlike most owners who come home to find this kind of mess. As soon as we see what has happened we pull out the camera, set the stage, and use the power of guilt to get our dogs in compromising photos. The fun of making them feel bad about what they have done is worth the cleanup. Here is one last picture of my would be crime boss after being caught. The Pot Head Dragon lives.
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6 Ripples in the pond:

ladytruth said...

How is it that dogs know exactly when they have been naughty and most children don't? Maybe we should train children the way we train and raise dogs ;)

Soda and Candy said...

My dog does that lowered-head thing too! And if she refuses to make eye contact you know something bad has happened.

They're very cute sausage-shaped dogs.
: )

Trinity said...

ladytruth - I like how you think. If we can potty train to use a dog door then I am all for it.

S&C - I love that they don't look me in the eye. That is when we make them look at us just so they see our disappointment.

Erin said...

I think you need a kitchen trashcan with a child safety lock on it. Your fur kids are notorious for this sort of thing.

When did you join a book club??

Trinity said...

The local Borders does a monthly book so I didn't join so much as I am going to attend.

We have discussed a new can to stop these issues but never seem to bring ourselves to go buy one.

Lola Lakely said...

This was awesome. Your posts are usually awesome but the pictures catapulted them into awesomenisity. How many words can I sculpt awesome in to today?

I hate fruitcake.