Wednesday, September 23, 2009

TBWCYL Day 266 - Remember When?

Today was a simple day and actually has no real task. More a helpful set of rules for remembering things. The Book asked me if I could remember last Thursday*, which I could. Had I not been able to I could use these tips to remember it.

Routine Recall Recognition: What do you normally do on Thursday? Did you do it again?

Cognitive Rewinding: Start at yesterday and trace back until you remember.

External Stimuli Support: Look at newspaper headlines and see if they job any memories.

Repetitive Association: Say "Thursday" over and over again until your mind snaps back to Thursday.

Leapfrogging Matrix: Look back at something you discussed with others as a point of reference and see if Thursday had anything to do with it.

Cheating: Look back in the Book to last Thursday for help.

I use a few of these techniques when trying to pinpoint stuff. I actually kept a daily journal for about 4 or so years in little collegiate notebooks and had a way to find the most minuscule things. Now I just have a blog.

That is all,


*My actual Thursday, outside of task stuff consisted of watching The Office and Community with Diana and being disappointed that my first Kickball game was rained out. Diana worked later than usual and got home around 7 and I made salad for the two of us.

P.S. I am starting the countdown on the last 100 days of this project. Only a little over 3 months left. Oh how time flies.

9 Ripples in the pond:

Lizz said...

even with those as help, I have no idea what I did last Thursday! Im normally have a really good memory but lately I have had no reason to use it. Nothing Significant has happened... aka No Blog :(

Lola Lakely said...

Ugh, I wish they had kickball around here. I'm trying to think what I did last thursday but the weekend keeps getting in the way.

How did you like Community? I was really excited for it but I'm hoping it gets better.

Cora said...

Good gracious, I can't remember what I did last Thursday either. I'm going to have to cheat and look at the calendar. Hold on....

Oh. That's right. Last Thursday I was busy forgetting about my neice's 13th birthday. Whoops! Now it seems I've forgotten it twice.


By the way, Soda & Candy sent me over here. Now you know who to blame for my rambling. ;-)

Soda and Candy said...

I have the worst memory evs, but I do remember last Thursday because Survivor started.

Also, Community - what did you think of it? I think it has the potential to be awesome as I love John Oliver, Joel McHale and the Indian guy that I don't know his name but I think he was on the Daily Show sometimes.

Trinity said...

Well, I enjoyed Community and I think it will get better. The premise kept me entertained and I like Joel McKale.

As for Kickball, Lola you should start your own. the Kickball association should have a way to get a new league going and I would think Jersey could support the demand.

Cora, welcome. Glad S&C did something for me finally after berating me on my own blog. Ha.

The Peach Tart said...

What a great idea. I might have to check out the book.

Lola Lakely said...

I love Joel McKale too! I know! I would support Kickball in the Northern Jersey area and I think others would too! Ra, ra ra ra. (how awesome is that cheer?)

ladytruth said...

Won't you miss the book and the tasks when you're finished? Or will it be like finishing school: a relief to put it behind you?

Trinity said...

I will be glad to have graduated from this thing and I am having a party to celebrate when this is over.