Thursday, September 10, 2009

TBWCYL Day 252 - Nekkid

I had a simple task yesterday: "Imagine everyone naked". It went pretty well, except for when a fatty walked in the door. I felt kind of awkward when, at a happy hour last night, one of my nearest and dearest friends asked me my task. As I imagined her in a pair of black panties and a cream colored bra I just told her that I couldn't talk about it. I was respectful not to undress her totally but I still don't know how appreciative she would have been of my sacrafice.

To really test my imagination I went to lunch with some friends yesterday but didn't eat. Instead, I sat sizing up everyone. There was the fat guy who I can only imagine has started to have penal retraction from the amount of blubber he was holding near his junk.

There was the 50ish lady who had big boobies but I think may have had irregularly placed nipples. Still kind of hot though.

A college girl walked in that weighed around 90 lbs and had no curves on her but was cute. I imagined a set of skin colored boards stacked on top of each other.

The happy hour we went to was at the Flying Saucer, which if you aren't familiar is kind enough to make all of their 20 something waitresses wear plaid skirts and tank tops. I go for the beer but stay for the atmosphere. I almost didn't have to imagine them naked but did anyway just for fun. Our waitress was a cute little blonde with B cup breasts and an ass that I believe I summed up perfectly as saying "I like her butt". I have a thing for a plaid skirt, honestly what man doesn't, so these girls are always pleasant to look at.

I wouldn't mind a few more tasks like this.

That is all,


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Soda and Candy said...

Wow, I can't believe you wrote that last bit on a blog your wife reads!

Did they wear knee-high socks with the plaid skirts too?

mo.stoneskin said...

When you say 'irregularly placed' what do you mean? One on her nose, or are we speaking of a potential misalignment of a millimetre or two?

Trinity said...

S&C: Yes. Have you been there. It is awesome. My wife also knows of my interest in skirts and gets mauled when she wears one of any kind.

Mo: I believe one was north of the equator and one south.

Simon said...

I’m relieved it was you who said the line about the plaid skirts first – it makes me feel slightly less isolated.

Mo stole my line about the nipples, but that paragraph was the one that made me burst out laughing.

Mega8815 said...

I can totally do with that task... Mmmmmm....

Girl Interrupted said...

You find middle-aged, irregularly placed nipples hot???