Thursday, July 16, 2009

TBWCYL Update Time Day 176

I meant to post about this last week and forgot but do you remember those Lost Dog signs I put around the neighborhood? Well the day we landed in California, I guess that would have been July 5th, I had 2 voicemails on my phone. I called and listed two them and the went something like this.

"Hi. This is Jaime and I think I found your dog. I have been trying to catch him but we keep going in circles. If you can call me back at XXX-XXX-XXXX."


"Hi. This is Jaime again. We lost the dog. I had him cornered in my backyard but he got away. Sorry."

So, I had to call him back and tell(lie) him that we had found Duncan a few days prior and I thought I had gotten all of the signs down. There is a dog that I have tried to catch before, a stray, that is dark brown and squatty and runs around our neighborhood. I have tried to catch him and even bribe him with food but he just runs off. I can only assume from the guys story that it was the same dog.

This damn book actually worked though. I didn't loose my dog and yet still got a call.

That is all,


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Aww, nice that someone cared!