Wednesday, July 15, 2009

TBWCYL Day 195 - Snowballs chance in Texas

My wife and I had a snowball fight yesterday. No, you aren't reading an old post. We actually had a old western style "Draw" where we each had our own snowball and we dueled. You see, yesterday's task was to shave the excess ice off of the inside of the freezer and make a snowball to attack your friends with. Our freezer currently doesn't have any glacial freezing in it so I had to improvise.

There is an awesome Shaved Ice place in Lewisville called "Bahama Bucks". It originated in Lubbock, where the great Texas Tech is located, and Diana and I love to go get one every once in a while. They actually sell Sno-balls there, which are real snowballs made out of their shaved ice. So, we went and got out in the 100 degree heat and went to get a shaved ice and buy a Sno-ball so I could complete my task.

For some reason they refused to sell us a Sno-Ball but did agree to give us a cup of the ice so we rushed home with our treats and went out into the front yard. We split the ice down the middle and each made a snowball and stood like two old cowboys ready to settle a score. The dogs were outside with us and all of a sudden Hazel saw a cat and took off after it. We only noticed because when she gets excited she starts to sound like a house alarm going off.

The noise distracted Diana and I took my chance to hit her when she wasn't looking. I have awful aim and the ball whizzed by her and hit the ground. She then got a look in her eyes similar to a murderer being told he gets one kill for free and she ran at me, arm in the air, and pegged me on the back with her snowball.

We jumped into action and Hazel circled the house, cat mere feet in front of her, and we were able to grab her.

Somehow, when standing in the 100 degree heat, I didn't particularly mind getting hit by snow.

That is all,


5 Ripples in the pond:

Erin said...

Diana's good at hitting you. I'm glad this one was at least...refreshing.

Trinity said...

I just wonder what people would think if they saw we were throwing Snowballs in Texas in July. They would probably be confused.

Girl Interrupted said...

More confused than when they saw you carrying a cross down the road, Jesus style?

Trinity said...

Hey Kate. I thought you died. No, I am sure that they probably thought I was Jesus and I was resurrected and was turning heat into snowballs.

Girl Interrupted said...

An easy mistake to make, Trinity

Hey :) nope, still breathing, which is always kinda cool