Thursday, July 02, 2009

TBWCYL Day 182 - Kids say the darndest things

Yesterday I was allowed to get in touch with my childish side by reverting to my childish self as my task. Sounds easy enough. Here are a few things I did to accomplish this.

First off, yesterday was comic book day, which is about as child like as I get but on a scheduled weekly basis. I was forced to watch our front desk at work and when I do this, if I have comics, I just read them up front. Well, I had just finished the new Deadpool book and I picked up the bag they were in and was flipping through the contents when a coworker came around the corner. She started laughing at me and when I asked why she said, "It is just that your face lights up when you look at your comics". I can only assume I look like a kid who just got to buy a new toy.

I had an Ice Cream Float. I haven't had one of those in a long time but I really enjoyed them as a kid. This one was made with Vanilla Ice Cream and a Chocolate Stout beer but it still had the same effect.

I tried to channel my inner brat after ordering my float when the waitress, or "Beer Goddess" as she was quick to point out, forgot to put in my order. I looked at Diana and said in the whiniest voice possible, "I want my ice cweam, I want it!"

I pulled my pants down to pee. You know when you were little and didn't understand that when at a urinal, it was not necessary to pull your pants down? Well, I was at the Flying Saucer last night and while at the urinal instead of just unzipping my fly to pee, I pulled my shorts down past my butt cheeks in the men's room. Also, while at home I just dropped my boxers to the floor when I went before bed.

Admittedly, I am a big kid who holds a day job so acting like a child isn't to big a stretch for me. I sometimes found this a bit difficult to do only because it was equivalent to adding fire to an inferno.

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Girl Interrupted said...

I'm guessing (hoping) there weren't any other guys at the urinals at the time