Thursday, July 02, 2009

TBWCYL Day 183 - Say What?

Today I was supposed to write down the conversations I had with people to find out how interesting my daily conversations were. Here are the highlights.
Janet: "What is with you guys? All of your shirts are untucked"(Speaking to the company President and another coworker)
Newt: "I know. They're a bunch of slackers."
President: looking over at me "Yeah, your polo, jeans and Vans are very professional."
Newt: "Whatever Sketchers. That's right. I said it. What?"
Bruce(Sales guy): "Was that our envelope lady?"
Newt: "Yeah."
Bruce: "She's wearing pants today. Yesterday she was in a skirt so short I thought she was going ask me for a comb to get her hairs."
Newt: "Ha"
Bruce: "I'm not kidding. She came of those stairs and...umm!"
Bruce: "I'm gone"
President: "OK" Stairs silently
Bruce: "I have to go mow my lawn. I don't have peeps. I do it myself."
Newt: "That's how he rolls"
President: High pitched laughter "That's how he rolls...ha"

Javier: "I have never really have a lot of black friends."
Newt: "Me either. I guess I have only really had one black friend in High School. He was more of an acquaintance though."
Javier: "I met this cool black dude the last time I was in Houston. We even talked about the word."
Newt: "Wow. Really."
Javier: "Yep. We were at a bar and he saw a black guy at the bar who was drunk and he said, "That right there is why we get called that."
Newt: "Huh. Where did you meet this guy?"
Javier: "The last time I was in Houston. I met him at the pool"
Diana: "I don't know what I did differently this time but this rice tastes bland."
Newt: "It looks like there is too much rice."
Diana: "Well, I added more rice because I always want more rice when I make this."
Newt: "That is the problem. You put too much rice in and it absorbed all of the flavor."
Diana: "I guess I should have added more cream of mushroom soup."
After Dinner
Diana: "Oh. I need to go to the mall."
Newt: "Why?"
Diana: "I am out of face makeup."
Newt: Inside Newt's head."I bet she wants a Blizzard"
Diana: "You know what I'm thinking? We could get a Blizzard."
Newt: "I knew you were going to say that the second you said "The Mall""
Diana: "Well, I was actually thinking of a Blizzard and then it made me remember I needed to go to the mall."
As we walked up to the mall to see a movie last night.
Diana: "What movie do you want to see?"
Newt: "Well, Public Enemies is out. Oh, My Sister's Keeper is out too."
Diana: "Yeah, it came out on Friday."
Newt: "I want to see that."
Diana: "I have to read the book first. And that is a renter."
Newt: "What? Well, Public Enemies is just as much of a renter as that."
Diana: "But it is a gangster movie."
Newt: "Diana, scratch my back. This sunburn is almost gone and it is starting to itch like crazy."
Diana: "No, that's not my job."
Newt: "But it itches. Please."
Diana: "No"
Newt: "I am starting to worry about being gone on vacation while all this stuff is happening at work."
Diana: "Just don't think about it."
Newt: "I can't help it."
Diana: "Well, just don't think about it. You should take your mind off of it."
Newt: "I can't make myself stop thinking about it. If I say to myself, "Don't think about work" I am immediately thinking about work."
Diana: "I can give you something else to think about."
Newt: obliviously "But I can't just turn off thinking about it."
Diana: "I will remember that the next time I come home from work and you tell me to stop worrying about work."
Needless to say, I didn't act on what Diana was going to give me to think about.

So I would say that, No, I don't have all that many interesting conversations.

That is all,


4 Ripples in the pond:

Girl Interrupted said...

The first and third conversations are a lot more amusing if you read them a second time and imagine it's THE President talking.

What's a blizzard?

Addy's Daddy said...

Can I just say that the blizzard conversation sounds like many a convo I have had with my beautiful wife - if it were acceptable, we would get ice cream every night if it were up to her.

GI, a Blizzard is ice cream blended with your favorite, including cookes, candy bars, nuts, etc. They sell them at the Texas (possibly southern American staple?) of Dairy Queen.

Trinity said...

A Blizzard is another term for "Orgasm of the Tongue". You might find a lesser equivilent in the McDonald's McFlurry that may be served over there. It is not nearly as good and they probably don't use the awesome candy we have here.

Girl Interrupted said...

Ahhh ... thanks guys! They sound really yummy!