Saturday, July 25, 2009

TBWCYL Day 206 - Water, Water Everywhere

So, things are about to get confusing so bear with me. As of yesterday's task, I am now playing catch up. Let me explain. You see, The Book wanted me to go to France on days 205 thru 211 but I altered the plan and went to Germany and Prague instead and fulfilled the tasks on days 130 through 136. That means that the actual days I was supposed to do had to be moved to replace days 205 through 211. Well, I sometimes rearrange things and I now have about 7 sporadic days that I have to finish off to get me back on track to be on The Book's calendar. So, I did yesterday's task which was actually for day 131 and today's task which is really day 150. Make sense? Probably not but that isn't what we do here.

Therefore Day 206 is deemed complete. I was to spend all day underwater to better reconnect with my aquatic origins. I am lucky in one regard as my mother in law owns a pool so I didn't have to go to a community center or sit all day in the bath constantly rewarming the water so my berries wouldn't shrivel off.

I got in the pool at 10 a.m. to a water temperature of 77 degrees. It was slightly chilly to say the least. It was in the high 90s today in my beautiful hometown of Midland, Texas and we spent almost the entire day outside by the, or in my case in, the pool. I tried to go under water as much as possible and only got out when the sun was moving me from a rare to a medium well.

Below are some shots of me underwater. I know they are the most exciting things you have ever seen but please contain your jealousy.

And another one.

This one looks worse than it is. Just remember to breath and you can avoid this outcome.

So, I have successfully achieve a sunburn from lack of reapplied sunscreen, I am freakishly exhausted from the outside time, and my fingers are just barely returning from the prunish state they maintained for the entire day.

Ironically, I spent more time in the sun today that I did on "Spend as much time in the Sun today" day.

That is all,


5 Ripples in the pond:

Girl Interrupted said...

Keep your berries hydrated at all times.

Trinity said...

They have to stay at a constant temperature to protect my juice.

Erin said...

Can I just send out three cheers to Diana for still loving you and serving as your photographer for all of these TBWCYL adventures? She's awesome.

And don't kill the berries - I'd love to have a niece and/or nephew in a few years.

Addy's Daddy said...

How was the shrinkage? Probably not near as bad as that fateful night in the pool at Raider's Pass, where two studly fellahs, one quite bony and ghostly, the other quite flabby and hairy, strutted to the pool in the cold wearing naught by tight women's gym shorts to show the hot tub sausage fest what for! I believe Jen mentioned at her wedding something of some photos... hopefully those don't show up on the wife's blog anytime soon....

Trinity said...

No, the pool temp was such that aside from a little shrivling of my frut sack, everything was in order at the end.