Friday, October 16, 2009

TBWCYL Day 289 - The World is Ending Again

Well, the world was supposed to end again today, this time a prediction of Bud Kramer of the Church of the Holy Rapture. This dude claimed the world would end at 1/2 a second to midnight, central Israeli time (7 p.m. GMT). Since that didn't happen I sent the guy an email asking for some compensation for my trauma as I have stressed about it all day(not really but that is what I told him). Here is my email to him, they supplied the address.

Dear Sir,

I am currently working on "This Book Will Change Your Life" and got to day 289 and discovered the world will end today. As this was an old book I assumed this wasn't true but still felt very on edge all day. Since I am still alive your prediction appears to be wrong and I am thus going to request a couple of dollars for my trauma. Please let me know if that will work for you.


Newt the Wonder Frog

We will see what he comes back with.

That is all,


5 Ripples in the pond:

Lizz said...

I am quite happy that th world did not end before midnight since i did not get to talk to one person I would have loved to talk to before the world ended, until about midnight 30. :)

f8hasit said...

I didn't even know about it to stress. And I would've slept right through it had it happened...
Maybe next time!
Didn't the Mayans say 12-21-2012?

Simon said...

I believe you have a sound legal case there, Trinity. I’ll be happy to advise you in the matter for a reasonable fee.

Trinity said...

lizz - I was also glad we are alive.

f8 - I hope like hell the Mayans aren't right cause that shit looks frightening.

Simon - I will take that into consideration but I don't think you can practice law overhere.

ladytruth said...

Damn, I missed it again! My day would've been very different if I'd known it was the End of the World Day. Would love to see what reply the chap comes up with!