Sunday, October 18, 2009

TBWCYL Day 290 - Let me speak to your manager!

I half-assed my task yesterday because I am a giant pussy. I admit it, as ashamed as I am to. Maybe you will forgive me after I explain what it was I was supposed to do. My task was to "Dress up in a suit and tie, go to a nice restaurant and walk around introducing myself as the manager and tell people the food is on me."

I know how funny this sounds but I just don't have it in me. I can make a fool of myself but for some reason this task was just too much. I wanted to do it but couldn't bring myself to. I know I have failed you but I tried to do something in this vein to at least work on the task.

We go to the official Texas Tech watching party bar, Blackfinn, whenever we can for the games. Yesterday we got there very early to get a table as it was the much anticipated UT vs OU match-up here in Dallas. Well, I had planned on getting drunk and then doing as much of my task as I could by just going around and introducing myself to people but I wasn't feeling well enough to tie one on and still was apprehensive about the whole thing.

Where we were sitting was not ideal because they had the TV locked behind this sheet of plexiglass and, even though it was something that could be swung down, the waitress claimed it wasn't possible. I complained to someone else and got the same answer and we decided to call it a day and just watch the games from home. As soon as we signed our tabs, the manager came out and unlocked the screen and dropped the plexiglass. To say I was perturbed would be an understatement.

We decided to tough it out and reopen our tabs now that the TV was visible. Due to a scheduling conflict the UT vs. OU game ran over 30 minutes into the Texas Tech game and I was having none of it. I was pissed about the TV screen issue and now I was going to miss 30 minutes of the game I came to watch. Thus began my manager tone that I began to take with the staff. I never claimed to be the manager but I was a bossy son of a bitch none the less.

After some arguing the staff turned a TV to ESPN2 so we could keep up with the game until the UT/OU debacle was finished. Then, well into the Tech game some random Georgia Tech people showed up and our TV got switched to their game. I got in a "discussion" with the GT fan and told her this was the official Tech watching party to which she informed me it was the Georgia Tech watching site as well. I immediately got up and went to the first employee I could find and told her I would lead a mutiny in the bar if my TV didn't get swapped back. It did and things progressed calmly for the rest of the game.

I know this doesn't make up for failing to do my task right but I bossed the crap out of that waitress yesterday and made my presence known. I can only hope you will forgive me.

That is all,


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mo.stoneskin said...

Mate you have indeed failed us all.

Not that I can talk.

Last week I was at a restaurant with my wife. Having finished my own main course I spotted the chip (fries) bowl on the neighbouring table. The elderly couple were deep in conversation, the bowl was on the edge.

Me: 'think they'd notice?'
Wife: 'if you take some I'll...' (whisper - something rude)
Me: 'um, ok, well hold on...'

*wait for a few minutes*

Me: 'I can't do it'
Wife: 'ah well, your loss...'

ladytruth said...

Bossing anyone around qualifies as being a manager in my book. Would've liked to see the mutiny, though

Simon said...

Don't worry. You've got to start somewhere.

Erin said...

I just can't believe they would possibly think about showing the Georgia Tech game over ours - boooo. The ruckus you raised in getting the channel corrected works for me.

Soda and Candy said...

Totally forgiven. No way in hell would I have attempted impersonating a manager. I have been known to be quite horrible to peons of companies that are not treating me right (mainly on the phone though.

Carrie said...

I can't say that I'd have done that task either. I'd be too afraid the real manager would come out and really make me pay for all that food...

Trinity said...

I am glad you are all so forgiving of my failure. It lifts me up to know you can let one go.

Lola Lakely said...

Ugh, no way could I have impersonating a manger. I have done some attention grabbing things in my time but that sounds kind of illegal and not to mention mean for the other people who think they are getting free food. Free food is one of life's great joys. I wouldn't want to be responsible for taking that away from someone- or rather giving it to them and then taking it away.

Ugh ND lost against USC this weekend. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. *wailing*