Thursday, October 01, 2009

TBWCYL Day 273 - Just for the Celibate

Yesterday's task was simple. Keep my hands off my junk and don't let anyone else touch it. Or to put it another way, today be celibate. Not a difficult task by any means. Diana is only mildly attracted to me sexually anyway so when I do break her will down to get some nookie I usually need a few days of warm up before getting anywhere with it anyway.

I started the day in the shower and made sure to be brutal on my genitalia so that I wouldn't get Mr. Happy going. He enjoys a sensitive touch. I didn't see Diana in the shower so it was easy to keep myself calm. I went the entire day at work without sporting one boner which was a change. Usually I have to walk around with a folder in front of my crotch at least twice a day as I try to be discreet until it loosens up.

I had a happy hour after work for a coworker who was leaving. I find if I don't want to get aroused mass quantities of alcohol can be applied and the Whiskey Dick can set in and save me embarrassment. This plan worked well and I finished out the day without pitching one tent.

Diana came to have some drinks too but had to leave before I did so sex was easily off the table. I got home with her already asleep and even without the my rubber inducing elixir, I would not have poked that bear. So, I went a whole day without sex, self pleasure, or arousal. I am not sure if I should celebrate.

That is all,


9 Ripples in the pond:

Simon said...

‘…so sex was easily off the table.’

I understand that this is more comfortable than sex on the table – though I guess it would depend on what the alternative was.

Trinity said...

It would also depend on the size, shape and durability of the table. A coffee table might not be to bad to lean over but a pool table might give you felt burn,

Lizz said...

To be exact, do it right and all tables are perfect. and you only get felt burn from a pool table if you lay your face on it... your hands and hips should be the ones that keeps you sturdy. On a table is like doing it in the shower. bend her over and go to town. :)

Erin said...

I'd say you spent far too many hours of the day just thinking about...non-celibate activities...for it to actually qualify as...non-celibate.

Restless Mind said...

Congratulations for a mission accomplished. :) It takes a strong will.

ladytruth said...

That is truly amazing; The Book has taken you to a new place. Congratulations ;)

The Peach Tart said...

Thank goodness for Whiskey Dick

Trinity said...

Lizz-Thanks for the tip. I will keep that in mind.
Erin-Thinking about it is what kept me celibate.
Restless-I don't know who this strong Will is but I hope he had nothing to do with me being celibate.
LadyTruth-A new place, Yes. A place I wanted to go, No.
Peach- Amen to that.

Soda and Candy said...

Wow for once I can be glad to be a woman, I would hate to have to deal with a boner at work!!!