Thursday, October 22, 2009

TBWCYL Day 294 - Argument Club

Let's think of some bad ass fighters shall we?

Hmmm....Jean Claude Van Damme, Chuck Norris, Steven Seagal, Newt the Wonder Frog? Wait, that last one doesn't sound right.

You see, yesterday I was supposed to get in a fight for my task. I actually have only ever been in one fight and that was in the sixth grade when this kid jumped on my back while on the bus and that is all that happened but somehow I ended up with in school suspension for a week. It was over the short seat in the back of the bus and the kid was black so I still laugh at the irony of that. What would Rosa Parks say?

A coworker of mine accompanied me to San Marcos for a recruiting event at Texas State yesterday and afterwards we canceled our hotel room and decided we were driving back to Austin to go out and at some point get in a fight. I was pumped.

It rained all day yesterday and as we walked around 6th Street the mood was very calm...almost to calm. We were told of a few bars from a friend and went to one where a band was supposed to play. Due to the rain it had been canceled and that meant there wasn't anyone there. We hoofed it around to other bars but everyone kept telling us with the rain and that band cancelling it just wasn't a good night on 6th Street.

We finally found a cheap bar that was kind of douchey but hopeful. We found seats at the bar, where we were served by my co-workers future ex-wife, Nicole. She was flippin' hot and knew how to work her sex appeal. I started eyeing potential fight buddies but unless I got up and just forced it, there was not an opportunity to be had.

We got out of the bar around midnight and as we were walking I started getting mad and pushing on my friend. He was drunk so he didn't care and just lit a cigarette. We stopped to chat with a doorman and that was when I had to just release my frustration on my coworker. It wasn't much but I ended up giving him a titty twister and he gave me a dirty look.

Why do all of my fights turn out so lame?

That is all,


5 Ripples in the pond:

Soda and Candy said...

I'm kind of glad you didn't get into a bar brawl.

I fought a kid back in like 3rd grade, I won too, but that was my one and only physical fight.

Lizz said...

fights arent really that hard to get into, especially a bar brawl. Find someone wearing their favorite team shirt (even if it yours) and just start talking shit eventually youll talk so much to the point they want to fight. see easy. haha

Lola Lakely said...

Your description of the bar "that was kind of douchey but hopeful" made me laugh.

I think you won that fight. Titty twister > a dirty look!

Trinity said...

Lola, I think you are right. I definitely got more hit points than he did.

S&C - I need to fight.

ladytruth said...

It's cheaper this way: no plastic surgery or a new nose.