Sunday, October 04, 2009

TBWCL Day 276 - Here, hold my life for me

Yesterday I was supposed to put my life in someones hands. At first, I had no idea what to do about this. Diana was leaving town and I worked at the comic book store so the number of possibilities for this were limited.

While at lunch I called my friend Ryan and invited he and his wife to get together. Turns out they would be near my house later in the evening and I knew I could count on Ryan to help me out. This is when my plan came together.

Once Ryan got to my house I proposed my plan. The two of us get in my truck and with me wearing a blindfold, he would give me directions and we would circle the block. I figure being blind behind the wheel of a car while someone gives you directions shows a level of trust with your life. So, we drove to the start of my alley and I threw my blindfold on. Going around 10 mph Ryan navigated me through the alley without hitting anything and we ventured onto the street.

I live in a neighborhood that cul de sacs at the end of the block so we took a hard left onto that street and slowly navigated between cars and looped around back to my house. We made it without any damage to any vehicles. It was rather exhilarating.

I think I would easily trust Ryan with my life now that I know he keeps a cool head under pressure. He was able to give me directions pretty well and get me up to about 20 mph for a while. Driving blind is a wild sensation.

That is all,


7 Ripples in the pond:

Erin said...

EEEEEKKK!! I think that would scare the crap out of me - both parts, the driving and the directing. Thank goodness Ryan is a level-headed kind of guy. Phew.

I'm also glad no household pets happened to dash in front you...that you know of.

Lizz said...

You've been awarded!!!

ladytruth said...

I would've gone with his car just to make sure, you know? ;)

Trinity said...

Erin: I didn't feel a bump so I doubt I hit anything.

Lizz: thanks. I will get that up soon.

Ladytruth: No, I didn't want to use his car. That would just be cruel.

Soda and Candy said...


I can't believe you did that but I'm glad you went slowly!!!

Diana said...

I am SO glad I was out of town on Saturday and that you didn't tell me you were planning this. Funny, you didn't even tell me about it when I asked what you, Ryan, and Allison did Saturday night.

Trinity said...

I didn't want to hear you get mad at me for doing dangerous things. I thought I would just let you read it so I had a safety buffer.