Friday, October 16, 2009

TBWCYL Day 288 - Family Matters

There was some funny story in The Book yesterday about how some dude went to visit his mom's third cousin and before she died she left him umpteen million dollars. The point of the story was my task which was to contact a long lost relative and try to recreate this guys success by sneaking into this person's will. I don't have any long lost relatives unless they are lost in which case I couldn't find them easily anyway.

So instead I did something I should do more of, I called my grandparents. If surprise was what The Book was going for, I achieved it. My Grandma even said so. "Trint, this is a surprise" to which I responded that yes, it was a surprise because I am a surprising guy and also threw in I should call them more often, which is true.

A little background on my grandparents. I used to have 2 sets but age took out one set. My Granny Nan and Grandpa Pete were on my father's side of the family. I had a unique connection with my Granny and I would say she was the person I loved most for a lot of my life. By the time I had come around, all of my cousins were older and didn't spend time at their house so I had the run of the place and it was only blocks away from my childhood home. I would spend hours and days after school at her house and sleep over on the weekends.

My mom's parents, Grandma Janine and Grandpa Kay, were the set I had to share. Between myself, my 9 cousins and my sister, they had more kids than they knew what to do with so I never grew as close to them as I could have. Even now I put off going to see them when I know I should. I love them and enjoy seeing them but it isn't as much of a priority to me as it should be.

So, I called yesterday and they were happy and surprised to hear from me. As I have gotten older it seems I can actually have conversations with them when before I seemed to just listen when they talked. It was nice to check in with them since I hadn't since September. Plus when I was around 10 I found a coffee can with a bunch of cash hidden in their bathroom cabinet and that is money I want to get my hands on.

That is all,


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ladytruth said...

I'm sure the interest in that money must make you a wealthy man by now ;)